Greenwood Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Greenwood Lake Fire District

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2023 Chief Officers

Chief (Car 1)

Alex Nicholas

1st Assistant Chief (Car 2)

Joseph Russo

2nd Assistant Chief (Car 3)

Anthony Alfano

2023 Line Officers

Captain (Car 4)

Anthony Laroche

Lieutenant (Car 6)

Jon Lowenberg

Safety Officer (Safety 1)

Glenn Williams

Captain (Car 5)

Mark Corrice

Lieutenant (Car 7)

Kevin Attard

Safety Officer (Safety 2)

Russ Thorne

Fire Police Captain (Car 8)

John Collins

2023 Civil Officers


Al Nicholas

Vice President

Denise Cercere


Mary Beth Dawson


Jackie Lowenberg

2023 Board of Directors

Joseph Minns

Jason Barry

Glenn Williams